The Best Escort Friendly Hotels In Dubai

If you’re from Western Europe, North America – or just about anywhere else that’s not controlled by psycho Muslims – then you might be in for a rude surprise when you try to check into your hotel room in Dubai for the first time.

Like we started to detail in the last post, the UAE has some bassackwards views on sexuality and, if you can believe it, many of the hotels actually forbid men and women from sleeping together in the same room. Bonkers right.

If that’s how they feel about girlfriends, or even legally married brides! – can you imagine the headache it must be to get into a room with an escort? Let me tell you, it can be embarrassing and that’s if you’re lucky. Worst case scenario they bring in the standards and customs police to actually lock you up. Just for trying to share a room with a woman. What the WTF?!!? Not cool Islam.

In my travels to Dubai and my many encounters with the lovely escorts there, I’ve had the pleasure of staying at, and desecrating a number of hotels that buck the trend and do actually allow a man and woman to inhabit the same space. One of the best resources for meticulously researched guides to the whole city can be found at, but below are just a couple that I’ve personally tried and found to be very accommodating.

My Favourite Escort Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Astoria Hotel Dubai

This place doesn’t have the beautiful, futuristic facade of some of the newer behemoth hotels intown. But what it lacks in architectural daring it makes up for in discrete class. And by discrete I mean they don’t say anything. I was in town just last year for a conference and we seriously cut loose on the last day and ordered seven escorts to meet us at this hotel. Maybe it was because my group had spent thousands of dollars at the place over the week, or maybe it’s just standard practice, but they let all the girls in through the kitchen entrance and delivered them to us at the pool. Can you believe it? No looks of incrimination, no hassle, just beautiful babes allowed to interact with horny businessmen. And isn’t that all any man can ask for? If you don’t need to stay in the fanciest hotel on the strip then this is my first choice by a country mile.

Ascot Hotel

This place has a very hard to get 5 star rating on trip advisor. It is a little out of the way – about a mile down the main road but still located in the heart of Bur Dubai on the Khalid bin waleed Road. They aren’t quite as accomodating as the Astoria but still, if you ask for Raj at the front desk and give him a good tip you shouldn’t have any problems getting your escort (assuming she’s not dressed like a total skank) through the lobby and up to your room. I wouldn’t suggest trying to throw a bacchanalian party at the pool though as the clientele here tends to be a bit more traditional and will make a complaint to the desk. If you can request a West facing room I would recommend it because you’ll have a great view of the Burj Khalifa which pretty much looks like a big boner on the horizon

Fortuna Karama

Think of this place like the La Quinta Inn of the Middle East: decently appointed with passable accommodations but nothing spectacular. There pool leaves a bit to be desired and the traffic noise is tiring. However, they are definitely Guest friendly and don’t mind one bit if you bring a lady (or three) to your room in the evening.

Majestic Tower Hotels

This one was named the best value for money hotel in the article from the authority on these things at Guest Friendly Asia. It’s location is one of the best things going for it. Right across the street from two of the best nightclubs for picking up working girls in Dubai: the Karama club and the York towers club. Though I haven’t personally stayed there, I’ve heard enough good things about it, from enough trusted sources that I’m going to give it my stamp of approval.

These are my top four favourite hotels in Dubai to bring ladies for a night of crazy frolicking where I’m positive I’m not going to get any hassle from repressed religionists. The problem with Dubai is that things are constantly changing. There are sites with huge lists of Girl Friendly hotels and they were correct a couple of years ago, but now something in the political climate has changed and a lot of these places aren’t friendly anymore. Whatever you do, don’t try to ascertain the friendliness of a hotel by calling their front desk ahead of time. This is not the kind of things that hotels want to advertise and most have a certain level of fear that if it becomes too widely known that they’re lenient on female guest rights, they’ll receive a visit from the local constabulary. Do your research online, talk to taxi drivers and be discrete. Keep that in mind and you’re sure to find the perfect place to shag the night away with any of the thousands of beautiful working girls in Dubai.