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Gulf Escort List was created to be the one stop resource for those looking to find real escorts in the Arabian Gulf. We know things can be hard for punters in this part of the world so we have done all the work for you by finding elite escorts in all the major cities, verifying that their pictures are real and giving you multiple, discrete ways to contact them. Please have a look at our galleries and rest assured that it is very possible to find the satisfaction you are looking for with an escort lady while traveling to the gulf.


Tips For Using The List

When you first see our list of escorts that are either located in or regularly travel to the Gulf states it can be a little daunting. At current count, there are over 55,000 escorts advertising in the Arabian peninsula. Of course, not all of these are real. As any frequenter of Middle Eastern companion websites and directories will tell you "There are a lot of fake girls on these kinds of sites, man." It's a shameful state of affairs that some people want to take advantage of the noble punter with disgraceful bait-and-switch tactics. Which is why we don't have anywhere near 55,000 escorts on our site. To become one of the few escorts, or escorting agencies, that can grace our pages you must talk to us in person and provide photographic evidence of your personal veracity and likeness as well as your geographical location.


Featured Escort Agency Of The Month

Each month we like to scour the web and look for new and interesting escort websites that are pushing the envelop of adult web design. Sometimes these sites are for independent escorts but more often than not they are agencies who have bucked current web design trends and bring us something new. 

The winner this month is Sydney, Australia escort agency BoardRoom Escorts. They have a sleek design that draws attention to the escorts and even shows video on the homepage. 

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How_to_Beat_the_Heat_in_Dubai_with_Style (1)

How To Look Good In The Dubai Heat

All year around, the weather in Dubai is quite hot. Sometimes this heat can get a little overwhelming and due to that many men end up wearing only shorts and a thin tank top when they head out of the hotel. While this attire may be acceptable,  it certainly does not look very sophisticated. Today […]

Dubai Dom and SUb

The Dubai Sheikh and The Escort: Part 2

Ready for the thrilling conclusion of this erotic tale? If you haven’t read part 1, do it now! The Sheikh Meet the Dom Escort… Quickly making his way towards the hotel, he found himself questioning his judgement. Should he be doing this? Should he have gone online and hired an escort? What was he thinking? […]

The Business Man & (2)

The Submissive Sheikh: Part One

Another great story from the erotic minds of the Gulf Escort List editorial board. This one is great and I know for a fact that many of the haughty, holier than thou sheikhs and Imams in Dubai partake in just the kind of adventures detailed below on a regular basis. The Prince and The Dominatrix “Prince […]

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